So What Is The Point

The point or the reason for these post are simple. Each one will identify who I am and where I am going, maybe even how or why I do the things I do.

I am a real person just like you, a lot of what I will write is mostly just for my own reflection on how I am as a guy that might need some better guidance.

I ended my first post with who I am as a father or who my children are as a mirror of who I am as a father. From who they are I see that I am an abrasive father, I like my children to be in line and to listen. Maybe through me wanting for them to listen, I miss listening to what they have to say. It could be all they want is for me to listen. (Side note: writing this is making me realize what has been there, I did not think any of this prior to typing.)

Alright so before I find myself to deep in my flaws as a father. I will see what kind of husband I am. If this starts to feel stale tell me.

So who am I as a Husband.

Well I like to think I am a committed guy. We have been together from the age 15, now 26 (the math for you 11 years) we have been married for 8 of those years. So do the math from my first post, yes we had a child at 17. I know when we started this relationship I was not a healthy person to be with. We liked to drink and smoke but when I started out with my new girl friend (my wife) we only wanted to be with each other. Friends were cool but they just wanted to sit and smoke at home, we are adventurous.

So my wife, who did I pick to be with?

Well for one she is a Greek. What does that have to do with? She is a great cook and the best at keeping a house together. Not that this is why I picked her simply just pure profit of an already great person.

She is a beautiful woman. Like any man would say about his wife. The thing is others compliment on her beauty which solidifies the thoughts I have always had.

Yeah I can hear you reading this, but who is she what is she like?

She was and is my best friend I do not like doing anything without her. When I say I want to have time alone I mean with her there. You may not be a Christian but that doesn’t matter to me, but in our Church (the Orthodox Church) through our beliefs, we believe that marriage is a sacrament. Great I know I am getting religious but try to get around it ok, the teaching is good. A sacrament is when a thing is changed in to something else through God mysteriously. Good back to the point. We believe that when you are married you become of one flesh or of one being. That is how I feel with my wife we were two but now we are one. It is not easy and it is work but we have found that we must talk about everything that is pulling at us.

If one of us is down its the others to bring them back up. We do not depend on one an other for happiness but we are happiest together. We are cheap dates getting out side is fun for us.

In the beginning I was a liar. I know now I did this to save myself from enbaressment of failure.

Just know lying does not fix a single thing. I know you have heard it before but when you become honest it will free you. No more fear of being c caught. Just truly apologize and say that you made a mistake, own up to it. It will show your partner that you are sorry and are trying to do better

Well that’s it for now I guess. Please like I said in the first post leav

God bless you and your family

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