Discover Me

I guess this needs to start some where. Every story does, why would this one be any different?

So the question would be who is this writing?

Well its Me.

Who is Me?

Well I am a father, a husband, an Orthodox Christian, I own a bussiness, I am a brother, a son, a grandson a d I guess my profession is welding and metal working.

Thats a long answer to an easy question but not one person you meet cares about the name, it is what that name does all day they care about.

So I will start with father.

My children are great. Like anyone would say if you asked but every person has some type of flaw. My oldest (8 years old) he saved me from a dark future he came when I needed him most. He is strong and funny, sweet and kind. He gets sad and embarrassed if he does something wrong and holds a grudge against himself for it. My middle boy (7) is hilarious and picks up on every type of pun I throw at him. He is emotional he cares if he does something wrong but he always forgets what he is told and he gets in trouble again. My youngest boy (6) he is a true artist. He gets angry fast but he is the kindest. My daughter (13 months) I don’t know much yet but she is a clown and emotional.

So why so deep with my children?

I think our children are a window to who we are and they each have my traits and I can learn about myself through them.

I do hope to get further into who I am and where I am going but for now this is it. Next I will continue down the list of Me.

God bless you and thoughs around you.

I am looking for criticism of any kind, so feel free.

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